R training institutes in Pune: a life -changing course

R programming training in Pune is a course in which you will learn how to program in R and how to use R for effective data analysis. The R programming course in Pune teaches you how to install and configure software necessary for the statistical programming environment and describes generic programming language concepts. The course thus enriches you to master in the field of data exploration from a wide array of sources by means of building inferential models and generating charts, graphs, and other data representations.

What does R stand for in R programming course?

R is used for a variety of statistical tests like:

  • Correlation analysis
  • Analysis of variance
  • Students t-test
  • Chi- square test
  • Wilcoxon t-test

The R is defined for its use in many types of graphs like the box plot, density curve, scatter plot, line plot, bar plot, and histogram.

R programming training in Pune: key facts

The course is delivered, as private, customized, training that can be done at the coaching center or online. The course can also be delivered as live, private online courses for groups that are geographically dispersed or desire to save on travelling time or travelling expenses.

R programming online course in Pune has the following objectives:

The objective of the R programming course is to help the students in the following manner.

a. Make the student a pro at the R interactive environment

b. Expand R by installing R packages.

c. Explore and understand how to use the R documentation.

d. Read structured R data from a wide array of multiple sources.

e. Get a thorough understanding of how to use dates in R.

f. Get an understanding of the different structures in data.

g. Also, accomplish with a deep understanding of different data types in R.

h. Utilize R for mathematical operations.

i. Use the vectorized calculations.

j. Get an understanding of writing user- defined R functions.

k. Understand the uses of control statements.

l. Write the Loop constructs in R programming.

m. Deal and identify the missing data.

n. Learn an insight of application to iterate functions across data.

o. Reshape data to support different analyses.

p. Get an understanding of split- apply- combine in the R programming.

q. Learn to manipulate strings in R.

r. Get an understanding of basic regular expression in R.

s. Get knowledge regarding the process to link data, statistical methods, and actionable questions.

t. Get an understanding of base R graphics.

u. Focus on GG plot 2 graphics for R programming.

v. Get knowledge about lattice graphics.

w. Use R programming for descriptive statistics and also for inferential statics.

x. Get knowledge about multivariate confounding and adjustment in multivariate models.

y. Learn about the interactions of multivariate models.

R language course fees in Pune:

The course fees are very nominal and will fit in your budget in spite of being a specific course and not a general language.

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